Don’t ask me why, but one month ago I was in this exact situation:

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I’m not exaggerating here: it was midnight, and I literally woke up to explore GoogePlay looking for a task management app.


I have chosen to use Todoist because it’s super simple and yet extremely powerful.
Simple: you can quickly onboard it and populate it with your todos.
Powerful: thanks to filters and projects, you can build your own productivity method on top of it.

One month later, I can feel the benefits in my personal life and my professional life. I have adopted many routines and progressed on many long term projects. I’m still experimenting to find my ideal method, but the fundamentals are here and it’s more about continuous improvement now. …


Sébastien Georget

Architect lead at Adevinta. Interested in social-architecture and related topics (Domain driven design, team topologies...)

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